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A message from our Vice President.

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Los Angeles’ First African American Firefighter

Sam Haskins was a former slave. He was born in Virginia in February of 1846. In 1880, fifteen years after the civil war, as a free man, Haskins made the cross-country trek to Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Times, Haskins was joined by his good friend George Warner. The two men were formerly enslaved together in [...]

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College students campaign in 1940s Fire Truck Restoration for the Museum

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Battalion Chief Veronie Steele-Small

When it came time for Recruit #38 in the 78th Recruit Class to demonstrate her ability to put up a 150-pound, 24-foot wooden ladder against the side of the training tower at headquarters, a small crowd gathered on the grinder.  Everyone was wondering whether or not this petite-framed firefighter trainee weighing just 105 pounds could do [...]

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Pioneer who lead fight against discrimination in the Fire Department has died

Arnett Hartsfield Jr. a Retired Firefighter and Attorney, who helped lead the fight against racial discrimination in the Los Angeles Fire Department, died October 30th at the age of 96. Hartsfield wrote  “The Old Stentorians,” a book about the history of African American firefighters in the City of Los Angeles. He joined the department in 1940 [...]

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Bar-B-Que at the AAFF Museum

[fancy_images width="150" height="150"] [...]

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Intimate Conversations The Arts & The Community

The event will take place Sunday, May 25, 2014 from 2:00pm- 5:00pm at the historical African American Firefighter Museum. The Arts & Letters Committee is dedicated to upholding the goals of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. by bringing awareness to the creative expressions and ingenuity of artists in various forms, including literature, performing arts, and [...]

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Keep the Fire Burning Rescue Your Museum

The AAFFM is dedicated to collecting, conserving, and sharing the heritage of African American Firefighters through collaboration and education, the AAFFM's success is contingent upon your involvement. Therefore, we are asking you to join with the AAFFM this ambitious journey to enhance our ability to share the legacy of pioneering African American Firefighters by giving a meaningful gift.

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Greatest Rescues on Paper and Film

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Tested by flames and prejudice: city’s first black firefighters honored

William E. Callier Sr. passes around a copy of an old newspaper clipping, his pride still evident decades after he and 15 other men made Atlanta history. “Bronze Fire-fighters Ready for Action.” A black-and-white photograph in a 1963 edition of the Atlanta Inquirer newspaper shows 16 smiling African-American men, dressed in the uniform of the [...]

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