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Chief Brian Cummings and AAFF Museum Captain Brent Burton Taste of Soul


Los Angeles Fire Chief Brian Cummings and AAFF Museum Captain Brent Burton sharing a moment at the 2013 Taste of Soul on Crenshaw Blvd.

Chief Cummings will be retiring this year. He is a second generation firefighter.  His father, the late retired Engineer Louis “Lou” Cummings, was one of the original members of the Stentorians.  Lou and the African American Firefighters of the mid-1950′s integrated the Los Angeles Fire Department and endured hostile working conditions every day on the job working their shifts in L.A.’s fire stations.  Lou eventually served as the President of the Stentorians.

Fire Chief Brian Cummings came on the Department in 1980 and promoted through the ranks to the position of Assistant Chief.  He was appointed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to lead the Department in 2011. On a more personal note Chief Cummings is married to Captain Burton’s cousin the beautiful Rachelle Cummings.  Whenever Chief Cummings and Captain Burton come together, you will often hear them refer to each other as cousin!  When Rachelle’s father, the late Dr. Donald Ray Martin passed away, Chief Cummings and Captain Burton served together as pall bearers.

On behalf of the African American Firefighter Museum, we wish Chief Cummings all the best during his retirement!