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Kelli Shope is an attorney and writer whose passion for Constitutional law and Civil Rights led her to a career in public service with the City of Los Angeles. At the City’s Ethics Commission, Kelli supported the Commission’s mission to regulate the City’s political campaigns, lobbying activities, and governmental ethics laws by enforcing violations of law, drafting legal pleadings, revising City laws, and conducting hearings. In 2012, Kelli joined the Los Angeles City Fire Department’s Professional Standards Division where she investigated discrimination, hazing, and other Equal Opportunity Employment related cases and helped revise Departmental regulations. Within that capacity, Kelli read about the Stentorians and was moved by their experiences, courage, and service. Shortly after, she was introduced to the African American Firefighter Museum and, in 2015, joined a committee tasked with planning the Museum’s annual fundraising event. In that role, she learned more about the Museum’s history, mission, goals and the firefighters whose stories the Museum is committed to preserving and sharing with the community. Kelli looks forward to using her professional and educational background, and appreciation for the fire service, to help the Board achieve its goals and support its mission.