Fire Service personnel or immediate family members; $500.00 donation (the type of event being planned must be approved by Board)

Non-profit organizations: $1,700 minimum four hour period. Then $100.00 per hour after 4 hours.

For profit organizations: For-profit: $3,200 minimum four hour period. $100.00 per hour after 4 hours

Our fees include: The Rental of the site / Use of the Museum’s tables and chairs / Administrative Fee and Maintenance Fee. The museum reserves the right to adjust fees.

Our fees are negotiable!
Smaller events for less time can be arranged with the Museum management. To reserve the museum, email us your name, business name, date of event, type of event and requested time frames. We will contact you to address the terms and conditions.

To reserve the museum please submit an Event Request Form. We will contact you to address terms and conditions.



Name of group, organization or individual hosting the event (required)

Your Email (required)

Requested Event date

Will food and/or non-alcoholic beverages be served? (All caterers must show proof of insurance.)

Will food be cooked on site?

Will you be serving alcohol?

NOTE: If you serve alcohol, special event insurance and a liquor license is required. The museum can refer you to a company that
provides the insurance. A copy of your State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Permit must be provided to museum at least 2 weeks before event. If not using a professional caterer, describe food handling, preparation, distribution and clean-up procedures.

Describe your plans for clean-up and for collecting and disposing of trash throughout your event.

NOTE: Depending on the nature of your event, a cleaning fee might be charged to you prior to your event

Event Description

Actual event hours

Number of expected guests

Will you be using our tables?

Will you be using our Chairs?

Will you be using a rental company for your event? If so, when are they dropping off and picking up the items? Drop off times? Pick up times? NOTE: These days and times must be coordinated with the museum’s event coordinator.

Will you have decorations? (Describe) NOTE: Nothing can be taped or secured to the walls.

Will you be hiring a private security company? Which one?

Will you have valet service?

Will you be charging an admission fee?

Will there be media coverage for your event?

Will portable toilets be used at event? NOTE: The Los Angeles County Health Department recommends one toilet for every 250 men and two (2) toilets for every 175 women.
The African American Firefighter Museums requires that portable restrooms/toilets be brought in if your event exceeds the number of
bathrooms/toilets we have. We currently have three (3) on-site.

The African American Firefighter Museum (AAFF) has a staff Special Event Coordinator to assist you with your event. Contact Levisa
Wade; Or the Museum office at (213) 744-1730.
Upon receiving your request, the AAFF museum will contact you to confirm your event date, time and secure a deposit. Your event is
not booked until a deposit is received