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Fire Service personnel or immediate family members is $800, those who are Museum members are charged $500 (the type of event being planned must be approved by Board)

Non-profit organizations: $1,700 minimum four hour period. Then $100.00 per hour after 4 hours.

For profit organizations: For-profit: $3,200 minimum four hour period. $100.00 per hour after 4 hours

Our fees include: The Rental of the site / Use of the Museum’s tables and chairs / Administrative Fee and Maintenance Fee. The museum reserves the right to adjust fees.

Our fees are negotiable!
Smaller events for less time can be arranged with the Museum management. To reserve the museum, email us your name, business name, date of event, type of event and requested time frames. We will contact you to address the terms and conditions.

To reserve the museum please submit an Event Request Form. We will contact you to address terms and conditions.

Click here to fill out an Event Request Form