African American Women have played a major role in the fire service ever since the 1800’s when a slave named Molly Williams served as a volunteer firefighter in New York City.  Today, African American Women play a significant role in the fire service nationwide. Currently, 5 African American women serve as Fire Chiefs of municipal city and county fire department’s across the United States. Here in Los Angeles, the beginning of African American women in the fire service started in 1978 when Carlesta Wells became the first African American woman paramedic hired by the Los Angeles Fire Department. She was followed by Michelle Banks in June of 1984. We are proud to acknowledge that our first President was Firefighter/Lead Paramedic Michelle Banks of the LAFD. Firefighter Banks was instrumental in the opening of the Museum. She served as President from 1997 to 2003. Michelle retired in 2016. She is now the Vice President of the African American Firefighter Museum.
There are many women serving in the fire service today as chief officers, company officers, dispatchers, arson investigators, training officers, paramedics and fire chiefs.
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