Jayson A. Johnson is a twenty-six (26) year veteran of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD). Jayson currently has the rank of Firefighter/Paramedic and is assigned to Fire Station 101 in the San Pedro, White Point/South Shores community of Los Angeles. In his twenty-five years with the Los Angeles Fire Department, Jayson has worked in just about every neighborhood from San Pedro to San Fernando…South LA to West LA. ͞From the hood to the wood, it’s all good͟ has been his motto. Jayson started teaching disaster preparedness in 2008 and has found a passion in teaching citizens how to ready themselves for disaster as well as general home fire safety. In June of 2012, Jayson accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors of MySafe:LA. MySafe:LA is the fire and life safety partner of the LAFD that teaches school children, faculty, and citizens of all ages the importance of being prepared and safety aware. In 2014 Jayson was asked by the African American Firefighters Museum to develop a fire and life safety program with a specific focus on senior/silver citizens. The P.I.C.S. (Partnership In Community Safety)program is the result of that request.


Recently, Jayson graduated from the Los Angeles Fire Department Leadership Academy (a college curriculum course patterned after the WestPoint / Los Angeles Police Department Leadership Academy) and is continuing his education with Pacific Oaks College.